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2020 in 20: Hosted by Chris Johnson and Lily Clark, 2020 in 20 reflects on the growth of friendship against the backdrop of 2020 and all its chaotic events. Kick back for 20 minutes and partake on calamitous adventures with two friends whose relationship begins on the eve of lockdown. From scrambling for convenient store toilet paper to getting lost on winding, haunted roads, 2020 in 20 tells the story of life in 2020 through the eyes of two college students looking for companionship in the age of a pandemic.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 6: Nuclear Winter - Quarantine Edition

    Join Chris and Lily for a game of Nuclear Winter - quarantine edition! Who would you want to be quarantined with from a selection of 20 college majors? The Meteorologist who never got over the breakup of One Direction? The Graphic Designer ...


  2. Episode 5: College Quarantine

    Hear about Lily's experiences in full isolation for 10 days and what it's like to be quarantined. If this isn't 2020 themed, we don't know what is!         ...


  3. Episode 4: Lauren Boyd and Live Theater's Pause

    Lauren Boyd is an ensemble member on the hit Broadway show Hamilton. Join us in a conversation about what it was like to be a Broadway star during the dawn of COVID-19, and how Lauren spread creativity and joy throughout Broadway's Shutdown. ...


  4. Episode 3: Separation Anxiety

    Quarantine wasn't easy, but it sure was rememberable: frothed coffee, Tiger King and isolation... the list goes on! Hear Lily and Chris's unique experiences apart from each other, from moving out for the first time to finding new employment. ...


  5. Episode 2: Donuts & Disease

    Your weekly dose of 2020 chaos is back with Chris and Lily, as they discuss what it was like to be a consumer in the early stages of the pandemic. From toilet paper shortages to processing the initial lockdown in Dunkin Donuts, Chris ...